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Philatelic Book of Secrets Volume 2

PSE Boxes for  Encapsulated Stamps


Each PSE Box holds 30 Slabs

BOX Color - Standard Gray or our

Limited Edition "Pigeon Blood Pink"


PSE Boxes are $10.00 each -

Postpaid - USA Addresses


Gray boxes will be shipped to you by default

or you may specify colors in the notes


For up to 4 boxes, use the Buy Now Button

Paypal or Credit Cards are accepted

You do not have to have a Paypal account

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Stamp Market Quarterly

The most recent copy of the Printed SMQ is $10.00 postpaid for United States addresses. Click on the Buy Now button to pay with Paypal or a credit card. Use the form below to request information for foreign orders.

The Philatelic Book Of Secrets Volume 2

Volume 2 of the multi-part series "The Philatelic Book of Secrets", this book focuses on the Tao of stamp color. Many times the difference between a $5 stamp and a $5000 stamp is simply a shade of ink.   Every single one of us has looked at a stamp and said, "this one looks different, it MUST be the expensive variety!" This volume will help you to determine if that is true or not. Delving into the history of stamp color, color identification, sources of shades and names, and the chance at unification of myriad systems, if you are debating what color your stamp really is, this volume is for you.

Philatelic Book of Secrets Volume 2

The Stamp Market Quarterly / Stamp Market Values for PRC Issues 1949 to 1952 including general issues

We are proud to offer the only value guide for graded PRC postage stamps.  The values listed herein are for PSE graded stamps.  This book is a must for any serious PRC stamp collector.




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