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Your PSE Stamp Submission

Download and print a submission form by clicking on the form below

Click to download:



PSE Submission Forms



Form updated 7/01/2015

 After printing out a submission form, follow these easy steps to make sure the form is filled out correctly. Each step is highlighted in yellow, and highlights the next portion of the form that must be filled out.

How to fill out a submission form:

1. Clearly write your name, shipping address, phone number & email address at the top of the form where indicated.

2.  Please, only ONE type of submission is allowed per invoice!

Select the type and check ONE box.

If you are choosing Encapsulation, PSE is only accepting singles and coil pairs OFF cover for these services.  Large item encapsulating services available.

Check this box if you want priority service.

3.  Placing each stamp in its own 'new' SAFE 841SP stock card (or similar product) is recommended.

4.  Use ONE line per stamp/cover and fill in the appropriate information. The more you know and can provide, the better.



PF cert. 5348921










5. Please be sure to fill out the INSURED VALUE column for each submission.

6. Fee Calculation is determined after services have been completed.  This is for office use only.

7. Choose your desired type of return shipping and calculate the shipping cost INCLUDING INSURANCE and enter this on the line provided.  Please note that this insurance covers the return shipment FROM PSE ONLY. You are responsible for paying the insurance fee at the time you ship your submission TO PSE. Insurance Fees are subject to change by FedEx or the USPS and can be found on PAGE 2 of the Submission Form.

Reverse of form or Page 2

PSE is offering Insurance for the first time in response to the Express Mail Insurance rates which have increased significantly!!!!

8. Mark Method of Payment and include a check or your credit card information. You must include payment or your invoice will not be processed.

9. Read the Terms & Procedures. Sign and date the submission form.

10. Make 3 copies and retain one copy for your records and send in two with your submission(s).

11. Package your stamps and/or covers carefully and include two copies of the submission form.

All packages MUST be shipped by Registered, Priority or Express mail to:



PO Box 6170

Newport Beach, CA 92658


You are responsible for insurance coverage on packages to PSE.

PSE DOES NOT ACCEPT U.P.S. OR DHL deliveries - No Exceptions!




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