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About PSE

The PSE Advantage


PSE offers many advantages to all serious collectors who need authentication and grading services for United States, U.S. Possessions, Confederate States of America, stamps, covers, postal stationery, and Back-of-Book material.


The PSE Authentication Process


PSE has a well-deserved reputation in the philatelic community for honesty and integrity in all of its dealings. No other stamp authentication company holds itself to a higher ethical standard than PSE.


Our philatelic experts are forbidden from rendering an opinion on any item in which they may have an interest, whether financial or otherwise. Strictly enforced policies and procedures are in force to prevent this from happening.


Total anonymity is practiced throughout the authentication process. Once received, each item is assigned a PSE Control Number, which is an item's only identification as it makes its way through the authentication process. No information is divulged to anyone at any time regarding the ownership of a submission, whether past, present or future.


From Magnifiers to Video Imaging Technology


PSE employs an impressive array of philatelic examining equipment, from magnifiers and millimeter gauges to state-of-the-art technology. Our portable Forensic Foster & Freeman VSC-4c color-infrared-UV video imaging system enables us to detect even the most subtle forgeries, alterations, erasures, and masked defects. It can be used to display items side-by-side or overlaid on known authentic stamps for comparison.

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Our Board of Philatelic Consultants


What do you expect from a stamp authentication service? First and foremost, expertise.


PSE's philatelic experts are chosen from among the most knowledgeable dealers and collectors in the United States for each area of philately. Each submission is examined by experts specializing in the specific area in question. In almost every area of specialty, PSE's philatelic experts are the most well-known and well-respected in their field.



Prestigious Board of Philatelic Experts -

More than 70 of the finest students of U.S. Philately

Over 2,000 Years of Cumulative Experience

Highest Quality Opinions with Consistency

Third Party Independent Grading & Encapsulation

Accepted by All Major Auction Firms

Wide Variety of Services - Turnarounds of 10 to 40 days

Submissions Fully-Insured While at PSE

Full-Color Certificates


Authentication Categories:


19th Century Unused & Used

20th Century Unused & Used

Fancy Cancels

Booklet Panes


All Postal History

Classic Plating


Private Vending Coils

Errors, Freaks & Oddities

Envelopes / Wrappers

Postmaster Provisionals



Appreciation goes to the following members of the PSE Expertizing Committee who have worked so hard on making the PSE opinions accurate and useful.  Without their input and expertise PSE would not exist as it does now.



Bill Crowe – US and Foreign

Rex Bishop - US

Steve Rosen – US Classics

Allen Furikawa - Hawaii

Bob Dumaine – US Ducks

Brian Sandfield – Carriers & locals

Don Medcalf - Hawaii

Dick Celler – US Classics

Don Tocher - US Classics

Eric Jackson – Revenues

Frank Mandel – US Covers

Glen Tjia - China

John Hotchner – US EFOs

Kirk Wolford – Postal Stationary


Larry Bustillo – US & Errors

Richard Champagne – US Classics

Richard Frajola – US Covers

Richard Bates- US Possessions

Richard Drews – US Classics

Richard H. Salz – US Possessions

Robert Lampert – US Classics

Richard Friedberg – US Revenues

Ron Lesher – US Revenues

Stan Iceland – US BOB & Revenues

Samantha D'Ambrosio - Hawaii

Stanley M. Piller – US Classics

Tom Jacks – US Booklets


PSE Staff


Scott Murphy, CEO, Senior Expert


Rex Bishop,



Tom Schilling,



William T. Crowe, Expert


Lloyd Petri,



Caj Brejtfus, CFO, Marketing/Advertising

Other PSE Experts


Richard Bates

Larry Bustillo

Richard Celler

Richard Champagne

Richard Drews

Richard Frajola

Richard Friedberg

Larry Gibson

John Hotchner

Stan Iceland

Tom Jacks

Eric Jackson

Patricia Kaufmann

Ron Lesher

Don Medcalf

Jonathan Orenstein

Stanley M. Piller

Steve Rosen

Richard H. Salz

Glen Tjia

Don Tocher

Lothar Vallot

Doug Weiss

Howard Wolk

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