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PSE Submission Center

Download and print a submission form by clicking on the form below

PSE submission form

for all regular submissions

PCF submission form

for all PCF service submissions see services page for details

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1. Clearly write your name, shipping address, phone number & email address at the top of the form where indicated. If you are a first time submitter please check the new customer box. If you have a change of information please check the new information box.

2.  In the service request section please specify the type of service you are requesting. Please only select one type of service per form. If priority service is desired check the box for priority service. PSE only accepts singles and coil pairs for hard encapsulation. Soft encapsulation for large items and items on cover is available upon request.

3.  Placing each stamp in its own 'new' SAFE 841SP stock card (or similar product) is recommended.

4.  Use one line per stamp/cover and fill in the appropriate information. Country if other than U.S. and Scott # are required. If you are not sure of the number then use your best guess. Check the appropriate box or boxes for condition and multiples, add any notes or prior certs if any, and minimum grade requested. PSE sets minimum grades for items at 50. If you would like to see a stamps grade if lower than 50 you must write a number lower than 50 in the minimum grade box. If you would like the item to be insured over the included $100 insurance provided enter the amount in the insured value box. The insurance values are cumulative (e.g. if you submit five items insured for $100 each then the package will be insured for $500 when returned). If no insured values are entered then the order will be insured for the $100 minimum.

6. Check the box for your desired type of return shipping. PSE ships all orders via Express Mail from USPS with direct signature required upon receipt. If you have a FEDEX account you may provide your account number and PSE will ship via FEDEX with direct signature required. Please note that all orders require a recipients signature to verify delivery.  Add all insured values from above and enter the total on insurance limit line. Insurance Fees are subject to change by FedEx or the USPS and can be found on PAGE 2 of the Submission Form. If Fedex is being used select the level of service you would like used.

7. Enter the total PSE fees, additional fees and shipping costs in the lines provided. Then enter the total on the last line. PSE charges for services upon completion of the order. If items submitted are found to be misidentified or in a condition other than stated by the submitter PSE will adjust the fees up or down accordingly.

8. Mark Method of Payment and include a check or credit card information. A method of payment must be specified or the order will not be processed.

9. Read the PSE Procedures and Terms and then sign and date the submission form. Failure to sign the form will result in the order not being processed.

10. For downloaded forms please submit the original and one copy with the order. It is recommended that you keep a copy for yourself as well. For standard forms the submitter should retain the back copy for their records and ship the form with the order.

All packages MUST be shipped via USPS or Fedex ONLY. All other shipment methods will be refused and returned to sender. PSE recommends all packages shipped via USPS use some form of tracking method.


Shipping addresses for USPS and Fedex are available on the contact us page.


Submitter is responsible for insurance coverage on packages to PSE.

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